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Legal services

Note: Thank you for your interest in Hewage Law Group. Please note that we do not offer contingency retainers. In addition, we do not offer retainers in any cases where the amount in dispute is less than $30,000.

We are a multi-practice legal service provider focusing on paralegal services affecting day to day life to all. We provide affordable legal service for individuals desperately need legal advice for their matters. we are unique in the breadth of services we offer as well as the expertise and specialization where it matters. We will represent you before the court to protect your rights.

Consulting Services

We also provide legal and risk management advice to our clients on issues that may have legal or risk implications for their lives and businesses. This includes: assisting you with your questions about legal issues, compliance and legislation; providing support on how laws and policies impact or apply to your case. We also identify and recommend procedures and practices to protect you from undue liability or risk.

Innovative actions

Your success is important to us. We provide innovative, customer-focused solutions for your legal needs. We will advise you about legal options, and communicate with you promptly, regularly and openly.

We can help you to find the service you need.
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Every Day, Every Way, We Fight Hard for you